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Cut & Paste

August 9, 2010

Marc Ecko decided to set the record straight after it was disclosed that in his Cut & Sew campaign he only used Lindsay Lohan’s head.

Ecko said in a statement:

I conceived the print campaign concept in February 2010 to be inspired by illustrator Robert McGuiness’ iconic James Bond movie posters from the 1960’s and 1970’s. The print campaign component was always intended to be illustrations.
In order to make the production deadlines for fall advertising, we had to shoot the print portion in April and used photographer Zach Gold to capture this component.
When we decided to cast the muse portion of the campaign we decided to cast Lindsay Lohan. We made her a video pitch in April, she said yes to becoming the campaign muse, for print and for the digital components, and we shot her for the digital component in NYC in May.
Lindsay saw the campaign images we had already shot on a model and approved those to become the illustrations of herself based on the photographed images.
The process of creating the illustrations was done by illustrator Mike Evans, based in San Francisco, who converted the images to illustrations by hand and with a digital illustrator program. This was not a touch of a button, Photoshop process. Each illustration was a laborious task.
In the tradition of the illustrators of the period of pulp action films, it’s best practice to shoot form, and then illustrate from that. This is how bond posters were made as well as the iconic Star Wars posters.
Each campaign shot is a composite of many shoots, including some of illustration model, and actual parts of Lindsay from the video shoot. We shot the campaign in very high-resolution green cam, so we could blend with video stills, which we did.
The rumors that we went behind Lindsay’s back are untrue and that she’s upset is completely false. We have been very open about the way the campaign was shot and certainly were not hiding this fact from the beginning.
This is like saying that Zoe Saldana wasn’t really the star of Avatar.
When the campaign goes live on Tuesday, August 10th, you will be seeing lots of Lindsay in action.

Nice plug Marc but we’ve had enough Lindsay for a lifetime.

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