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A little more red soles, a little less love…

November 18, 2010

Have you ever woken up on Christmas morning, charged down the stairs towards the mounds of presents sitting under the Christmas tree, expecting to dig into the neatly wrapped box that you thought would be the Barbie house of your dreams – only discover that your Barbie house was actually the hideous Christmas sweater your mother found in Macy’s, which matched the equally hideous sweater your brother opened next?

If so, then you would know my disappointment when I discovered the Christian Louboutin Spring 2011 collection.  Although, definitely unique, this collection is not the sexy, desirable Louboutins that we have come to love.  Instead, they are Louboutin’s hideous, eccentric, and slightly overweight cousin.

Although there are a few pieces in the collection that are wearable, for the most part, this collection definitely gets two thumbs down rating.

Spring 2011 Accessories: Paris – Fashion and Design News and Trends –

What do you think of the collection?


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