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Ronnie Sells T-Shirts By the Sea Shore

February 2, 2011

First he and his Jersey Shore co-stars took over Seaside Heights, N.J. for the past two summers, now Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is ready to take over the t-shirt industry by launching his own line, Jersey Laundry.

The line will be previewed Friday in Dallas and Saturday in Las Vegas and will be unveiled on their new website in late February, costing about $20 a shirt. They will feature some of Ortiz-Magro’s sayings and a few images of him as well.

“The crowds in Jersey wait in line for hours for shirts that say ‘Team Ronnie,’ or ‘I Heart Vinnie,’” he explains. “We’re going for stuff like that, and running with it.”

Jersey Laundry will start with three men’s shirts and three women’s, featuring sayings such as “‘GTS, gym tan smush’,” he says. “They’re more for the younger fan base. Funny stuff like, ‘Got Smush’? ‘Have You Smushed Today?’” There will even be a shirt saying “I [Heart] Single Ronnie.” Are Sammi and Ronnie back on, you ask? “You gotta wait and see for the season how things pan out and see where that goes,” he teases. “Every episode is more and more drama—it’s not gonna get dull!”

Ronnie has more to be excited about than just his clothing line, the Jersey Shore cast will be filming season four in Italy this spring. “As soon as I heard, I put an order in for a Rosetta Stone,” he says. “I need to know how to order grilled chicken when I get down there—I can’t have pasta everyday!”

Do you think you will be rockin’ Ronnie’s shirt down at the shore?

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