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Timeless Statements

February 3, 2011
Timeless Statements

Every feminine outfit needs a touch of masculinity for balance, whether is be boyfriend jeans, a blazer, or an over-sized man’s watch.  Even though my wrists are teeny tiny, I love a good man’s watch to complete my “look”.  It’s just enough flair to compliment your outfit without taking too much away from it.  I personally have #1, wear it almost every day and receive compliments on it almost every time.  Trust us, as Martha Stewart would put it, “it’s a good thing.”

1. MICHAEL Michael Kors Midsized Chronograph Watch, Golden; Cost: $250

2. MICHAEL Michael Kors Rose Golden Midsized Chronograph Watch; Cost: $250

3. Chanel J12 White Ceramic Women’s Watch H1420; Cost: $16,100

4.  Tiffany & Co. Atlas Dome Watch; Cost: $3,100

5. A|X White Rhinestone Watch; Cost: $160

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